Hello! Cześć! Hola! Ciao!

I'm Riccardo, but you can call me Rick.
Or Rysiek if you want to work on your Polish pronunciation.

I'm a rising star software engineer at Lunar Logic.

Currently I work with Ruby and JavaScript.
But those two are just excuses to broaden my horizons. This is why, for example, this last week (today is 1469910177) I have been busy with DDD, CQRS, YEAH and FRP.
I suck at all of them but I'm excited whenever I can deep dive into software architecture and improve my coding skills.
Also, sometimes I wear the devops hat and break some stuff around too. That's fun.

By the way, have you really googled for YEAH?!1?1? I bet they have come up with YEAH.js and ruined my joke though.

This web page is responsive, super fast and, most importantly, good enough. In fact, I've decided to focus on what matters most: being awesome.
This means in this specific moment I'm either geeking up or out doing something cool.
This also means that it's really difficult to get in contact with me. But if you are a good hacker I bet you will manage.

You can (rarely) find me on

Hopefully I'll meet you somewhere in the community soon. I'm sure we will come up with something great together.
Or we will just get drunk and have a nostalgic chat on those shitty web pages from the eighties with no CSS and JS.

This web page is on Github because why not.
Feel free to contribute ;)