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You may want to visit the homepage. Or keep reading for my apologies.

Scan of a hand-drawn sketch representing the number 404 with two hands counting four and a bug in the middle

I am sorry.

If you got here by clicking on a link and you are not an internet bot, then I made a mistake.

I could call it a bug to protect my professional self worth. But I want to take ownership instead. Blaming an insect roaming around the codebase is unprofessional: it’s my job to put the most care in my craft.

Using the b-word doesn’t build trust. Taking responsibility, asking for forgiveness and doing better does.

I make mistakes all the time. However, I hope you will be so kind to let me know when I do. I want to hone my skills and your contribution is paramount.

“A mistake is a future benefit, the full value of which is yet to be realized.”

–Edwin Land